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Phi specializes in providing effortless remote office setup solutions in India. Our team takes charge of the entire process, from scouting and securing the perfect office space to facilitating a smooth onboarding experience for your employees in a work-from-office setup.

Our Services

Set up and manage a successful remote team in India with our seamless work from office setup

Office Space Selection

Find the ideal office space in India that meets your requirements and provides a conducive work environment for your remote team.

Infrastructure Setup

Set up the necessary equipment, technology, and connectivity to ensure your remote team members can easily work from the office setup.

Employee Onboarding

Facilitate a smooth onboarding process for your remote team members in the office setup, ensuring they have all the resources and support they need to thrive.

Collaboration and Communication

Implement effective tools and platforms to enable seamless collaboration and communication among your remote team members working from the office.

Work Environment Enhancement

Create a productive and comfortable work environment in the office setup, taking into consideration factors such as ergonomics, safety, and employee well-being.

Administrative Assistance

We handle administrative tasks related to the office setup, such as lease agreements, facility management, and compliance with local regulations.

Why Choose Us?

Here's what sets us apart when it comes to remote team

Remote Work Infrastructure

Comprehensive Onboarding

Collaboration and Communication

Cost-Effective Solutions

Flexible Resource Allocation

Administrative Assistance

The Remote Team Setup Process

We follow a systematic approach to establish and optimize remote teams.

Step 1
Assessment & Planning

We conduct a thorough assessment of your organization's requirements and goals to determine the optimal remote team setup strategy.

Step 2
Office Selection in India

We assist in finding the right office space in India where your remote team can work from, considering factors such as location, infrastructure, amenities, and cost-effectiveness.

Step 3
Infrastructure Setup

Our team assists in setting up the necessary remote work infrastructure, including communication tools, project management systems, and security measures.

Step 4
Team Selection & Onboarding

We help you identify and onboard the right remote team members, ensuring they possess the required skills, experience, and cultural fit for effective collaboration.

Step 5
Workflow Design & Documentation

We work closely with you to design and document clear workflows, processes, and guidelines for seamless coordination and productivity within your work-from-office setup.

Step 6
Communication & Collaboration

We facilitate efficient communication and collaboration within your office-based team, utilizing various digital platforms and implementing effective practices within teams.

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