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With Phi you can steer clear of recruitment hassles and focus on the core processes of your company.

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About us

We're Phi, We Build Offshore Team for Companies

Phi is an innovative company with the right recruitment solution in desire to excel the challenges faced in hiring procedures and make it simpler. We take off the load from your shoulders so that you can focus on your main business goals, objectives and mission. The team at Phi Offers some of the best recruitment services and solutions backed up by an exhaustive global talent search database which covers a wide spectrum of domains and other key functions.

Phi is a Vertical of Transverser Labs

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staffing advantage.

Our offshore hiring team helps you achieve greater organizational agility with on-demand, offshore staffing solutions.

How we can help you

We ensure your projects run without skipping a beat with our hand-picked offshore talent that undergoes meticulous screening before we deploy them on your projects.

Agile Workforce Planning

We assist in identifying talent requirements and skill gaps, enabling you to plan proactively and acquire the right talent at the right time to support your scaling initiative.

Mitigate Hiring Risks

Our background verification services mitigate hiring risks by conducting comprehensive screenings, including criminal background checks, employment history verification, and reference checks, ensuring you hire trustworthy individuals as you scale your workforce.

Cost Optimization

Leveraging offshore hiring allows you to tap into talent at competitive rates, optimizing your hiring budget and allocating resources strategically to support your scaling efforts.

Tailored HR Strategies

Our HR consultancy services help you develop scalable HR strategies tailored to your organizational growth plans, ensuring that your HR practices align with your scaling objectives.

Build Credible Teams

By verifying the credibility and integrity of candidates, you can build a team of professionals with the necessary qualifications and track record to contribute to your organization's growth and success.

Expertise and Efficiency

Our experienced team brings expertise and efficiency to the table. We have a deep understanding of best practices and industry standards, enabling us to navigate through the complexities of hiring procedures swiftly and effectively.

Work with your offshore team in same way
you work at your office

1.Complete Analysis of Positions

Our specialist will analyze the position we are hiring for and determine all the requirements of your organization and scrutinize various resumes and short-list the most relevant candidates as per the requirements of your business.

2.Screening and Interviews

The part where we reach out to candidates and interact with them – selling the opportunity, checking their availabilities, and of course probing their preferences, experience, skills and suitability. A decisive stage for determining the candidate’s percentage fit to the job opportunity.

3.Placements and On-Boarding

Finally, candidates are hired and placed. Our recruiters can provide assistance in the on- boarding process covering pre-employment requirements such as background checks, candidate verification, and reference verification.

4.Your Business starts scaling

With experienced offshore professionals to supplement your core business operations your business will see guaranteed growth as the team hired will be aligned with your business vision and goals.

We also provide custom solutions, for individual requirements.To Know More